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Click on the above image to read the endorsement. There is a reason so many of your neighbors are endorsing Theresa? What’s your reason? Tell your friends to get out and vote on Tuesday, June 2nd to keep our representative on the Council!

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What your neighbors are saying about Theresa – Letters to the Editor – Argus Leader

Sioux Falls City Council election: Meet the candidatesArgus Leader Story, below are Theresa’s responses:

Sioux Falls Argus Leader & Theresa Stehly

A Sioux Falls citizen watchdog has used his blog, www.southdacola.com, to follow and report on our local and state governments for many years.  He posts the agendas and editorial reports of the council meetings.  We may not always agree with him but his efforts to keep the public informed are appreciated.  If you want to know the behind the scene details, bookmark the blog and read it.