My years on the Council

Here is a snapshot of my Council experience:

I can tell you that we have been working on overdrive to help our community these last weeks. I’ve tried to listen to the concerns and input from all the citizens. We do care about our people.

In these past four years, we have been very busy. A few highlights:

  • We passed a beekeeping ordinance that is being followed up by actions with the Park department to encourage sustainable ecosystems in the community.
  • We partnered with the Mayor’s staff to reinstate the annual Neighborhood Summit.
  • I facilitated meetings between the Whittier Business community, the City and non profits in the area to address concerns.
  • I facilitated informational presentations by the skateboard community, Zach DeBoer and his pedestrian/street video, Sioux falls development foundation funds for PPP and Warden Daren Young on reinstating the Scoop it program.
  • I helped initiate the first ever Council Budget priority meetings. Our suggestions have been utilized in the budget process!!!
  • I sent out mailings to citizens encouraging them to get involved with the Council Vote on the DT parking ramp and the effort to move public input to the back of the meeting.
  • I worked to put the brakes on the tax payer funded DT Parking Ramp. I had concerns about anonymous investors, the second penny as collateral and over priced construction.
  • I have worked with public works to ensure that all citizens are getting quality Snow Gate service.
  • I worked to inform/encourage neighborhoods to become involved in annexation policies that would have added thousands of dollars of assessments to home owners. The involvement from the residents helped the city to create a user friendly annexation policy.
  • I worked with the Park department, Council members and City staff to do a pilot project for Trimming trees in the boulevard. We hope to develop this in the next few years.
  • I have worked with the police department to promote our Neighborhood Watch Program.
  • We met with police union to show support for the department and learn what can be done to bolster morale.
  • I’ve advocated for small businesses when they have run into City roadblocks.
  • I advocated for more City wide representation on the Park Board.
  • I have published a Stehly Report periodically to inform citizens about community events.
  • There are many more things that have been accomplished in the last four years. I am grateful for the many citizens who have expressed appreciation for our efforts.